The Girlfriend Activation System Helps Guys Create Real Connections With Amazing Women

Woman Reaching Back To Hold A Man's HandMen often get a bad rap for being commitment phobic, and the general perception seems to be that men only want one thing: to “score” with hot chicks. But is that perception fair? Is it even true?

In my experience, no!

I think a lot of guys would love to be in a committed relationship. It just has to be with the RIGHT woman. I think an overblown fear of rejection causes a lot of men to go after women they think they can get, rather than the ones they really want. And that’s why they don’t always seem very excited about committing to a long-term relationship.

It really just boils down to a lack of confidence and not being taught the necessary skillsets to approach and attract the type of woman they are truly interested in. That’s where something like the Girlfriend Activation System can really help guys out.

The Girlfriend Activation System is one of the few dating and relationship programs out there that actually helps men find and keep a loyal, long-term girlfriend. There’s always been a void in typical PUA programs because the tricks and techniques taught in many of these courses aren’t based on real connection. Instead they use manipulative tactics to essentially trick women into liking a guy.

That may work short-term, but it’s not a viable long-term solution for guys who want to be with that one special girl they can’t stop thinking about. The Girlfriend Activation System fills that void.

While the techniques taught in the Girlfriend System can be used to attract women for casual sexual flings, one night stands, and friends with benefits situations, that’s not its main purpose. Instead, it covers an advanced series of skillsets including, but not limited to, meeting, approaching, going in for a kiss, escalating to sex, and dating long-term that help guys attract the type of woman they actually want to have a real relationship with.

As the author, Christian H., points out inside the Girlfriend Activation System, a woman wants to feel a man’s masculine power and be overwhelmed by it.  But masculine power shouldn’t be confused with aggression or overbearance.

Instead, it is a “distinct energy that comes from a dominant man with a good heart, positive intentions, whose life is an adventure, and who strives for success.” It helps activate a woman’s obsession story, and it’s this obsession story that holds the key to making her want you.

“Learn more about the obsession story and how you can use it to get a girlfriend…”

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